Ticket stubs for the digital age

When you visit a large city using its public transport is a major part of the experience. Before the introduction of smartcards this would leave you with a trail of travel ephemera like ticket stubs and annotated maps. These were the keys to your memories, the bits and pieces telling the stories of your travels.

In all its digital efficiency the modern smartcard is a mute object. It has no distinct personality or connection to you. The personal data stored inside it is invisible and unreachable. Youvenirs provides a way of unlocking this data and giving it back for you to keep and share.

How does it work?

Every time you touch in or touch out with your smartcard information about your trip is recorded. Youvenirs uses this and gives it back to you in a personalised, visually interesting and easily understandable form. A range of items with various designs are made on the spot for you to choose from.

They are truly personal since they are all based on your travel data. The items can be both more traditional things like postcards, posters, clothing, kitchenware etc. or digital items that you can then share quickly and easily through email, Facebook and other social media.

For added convenience the credit on your smartcard can be used to pay for the items.


Youvenirs is about giving your data back to you. You then have the freedom to decide if you would like to share it. The data is accessed only at your explicit permission and all the designs are intentionally made so that they don't show specific trips.

Where can I find out more?

Youvenirs is an original concept by Jaakko Tuomivaara. It was originally exhibited at the London Transport Museum's 'Sense and the City' exhibition.

You can also email info@youvenirs.com for more information.